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On Thursday April 23rd David Rector of Anns Choice TV will address the AC3 Computer Club about the recently updated equipment in the TV Studio. He will talk about how everything ties in and how it is giving us better service.  9:30 in room T08 in Lewis Pointe.

Great news. The children's choir from Nativity Parish will be here for our Catholic Mass on Wednesday, May 13th at 1:30 in the Chapel.  If you enjoyed them before, you will enjoy them more this time.

Did you know... the little star on one of the floor buttons in each elevator signifies the 'home' floor for that elevator, where it goes to 'rest' when not being used.

Would you like to watch the Eagles?  Not the football team.  There is a live cameras set up in a tree in upstate PA in Hanover, over a nest of Eagles, Mom and Dad, and two little ones.  Check it out - it is on all the time.  Go to and click on Live Cams.  Try it.


for April is our wonderful Library

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